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Unit Commands
Tactical Battles


Welcome to my guide to Mobile Suit Gundam--Giren's Greed--Blood of Zeon for the Playstation. This is a great import game for Gundam fans. Unfortunately the amount of Japanese required to play this game is high, and using trial and error to figure a game with this many options out is difficult--so what's a non-Japanese speaking Gundam fan to do? In my case, some posts to the Gundam Mailing List were of great help in figuring this game out. In fact, I don't think I could have ever played it on my own. (Thank you, Peter Cheng, WooJin and Edmund Chiu!)

And so, as I was helped, It occured to me to spread the word, and start this help guide. It is not finished. There is a lot I plan to add in the coming weeks. Also there are things that I still don't understand, and hopefully there will be those who can fill me in with an e-mail or two. (


I added the Giren picture to the left, and changed the page headings and that's about it. After beating the game 6 times, I still have 4 movies to unlock, as well as numerous characters and MS. I've heard that Bandai is releasing an add-on disk in June that will let you unlock all the hidden features of the game. That will certainly save me some time. The Dreamcast version of the game is on the way as well.


Well, it's my first update, and I've gotten some great help from Edmund Chiu in filling in the gaps. He also supplied me with some scans from Dengeki Playstation magazine which outline all the events and what happens in the game. This is real cool, and my next step is trying to get this translated and up on my next update. Thanks so much Edmund! Anyway, on this update, I filled in some missing info and added sections on unit commands and the tactical battles. I also put two new pics on the extras page, and threw something together on the factions, more later.