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This is by no means a complete list of available Gundam games. This is merely a reference to the games I've played on the Playstation and PS2. Most of these are import games and require the appropriate equipment to run. FAQs and strategy guides to these games can be found at
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This is a street fighter type game for the Playstation released in '97. The characters are made up of sprites and are extremely well animated. A great touch is that when you take damage, your armor is blown away revealing the sparking innards of the robot. There is a little lag in controlling the characters, but this just adds to the feeling of moving large robots. There is not much story, just some something to justify the action. In a far future, mercenaries dig up mobile suits and fight one another to become the top guy. All the pilots are new characters added to the game, so you won't find Amuro Rey piloting the RX-78.

The mobile suits in the game include:

  • RX-78 Gundam
  • MS-06 Zaku II
  • Full armor ZZ Gundam
  • The-O
  • Quin-Mantha
  • Hygog
  • Nu Gundam
  • Sazabi
  • Gundam GP-02
  • Ziong

Unplayable Bosses include the Byg-Zam, Neue Ziel, and the Psycho Gundam MK. III (a new design created for the game). Battle Master is a basic game, the moves are simple and there are no extras, but what is does, it does well. Recommended.

GUNDAM- the Battle Master


Here is the sequel to Battle Master, released in 1998. There are a number of changes, but the basis of the game is the same, a 2-D sprite fighting game. The most obvious change is that the game plays much faster. The controls have been changed a little the result being the games plays more like Street Fighter. There is less of the lumbering mecha feel of the first game. The one player game has changed as well. Instead of each mobile suit having a different pilot, in this game there is only one pilot, and you choose the suit she uses. The downside of this is that there is only one ending, versus the multiple endings of the first game. The Mobile suit roster has changed as well.

Playable mobile suits include:

  • Zeta Gundam
  • Zaku II
  • Ziong
  • Sazabi
  • Quin Mantha
  • Full Armor ZZ Gundam
  • Hygog
  • The-O
  • Gundam GP-02
  • AC/Guy
  • Qubeley
  • Hamma-Hamma

Hidden mobile suits, which are only playable in vs. mode, include:

  • RX-78 Gundam
  • Nu Gundam
  • RB-79 Ball
  • Hydra Gundam
  • Psycho Gundam Mk. III
  • Byg Zam
  • Neue Ziel

The Byg Zam and Neue Ziel are huge, full screen characters and pitting the two of them together in vs. mode is quite a sight. This game is a blast. Very Recommended.

GUNDAM- the Battle Master 2


This is a turn based strategy game covering the events of the first Gundam series. It was released in 1997. The bulk of the game is played from an overhead, isometric perspective with very small icons representing the units. Individual combat is depicted in 3-D cut scenes similar to the Front Mission game series from Square. The game is very detailed with a multitude of stats and options. Those who don't speak Japanese should be able to figure out how to play with a little trial and error.

The game uses a desktop type interface with countless icons and moveable windows. This brings up the most glaring problem with the game- it is just so very slow. There are long load times, the interface is too complex. Scrolling around the map is slow, the 3-D combat is slow, and the worst of all, the cursor itself moves painfully slow. Using the Playstation mouse helps the cursor speed, and you can turn off the 3-D combat, but the game still requires a lot of patience.

If you are looking for a good mecha strategy game, go for Front Mission 2, it's much better. But then again Front Mission isn't Gundam. So, Perfect One Year War is recommended only for patient Gundam fans.

Mobile Suit GUNDAM- Perfect One Year War


Bandai released this gem in 1997. Z-Gundam is a 3D action game featuring gobs of playable mobile suits and beautiful anime cut scenes. The game comes with two CDs, the first disc follows Camille Vidan through the Zeta Gundam story, the second disc follows Char Aznable. The two discs also allow you to play against another player via link cable. The story modes consist of actions sequences followed by cut scenes. The gameplay is fast and does a good job replicating the quick swooping battles of the series. The controls are a bit simple though, you only have three attacks, and the environments are very primitive. The cut scenes are restorations from the original Zeta series. The backgrounds and mobile suits have been replaced with CG models and the character cells have been cleaned up and enhanced. The results are beautiful. The battle mode is a series of one-on-one combats. You have a wide variety of controllable mobile suits.
  • Gundam Mk. II
  • Zeta Gundam
  • Hyaku-Shiki
  • Rick Dias
  • Hi-Zack
  • Galbaldy-beta
  • Asshimar
  • Gabthley
  • Hambrabi
  • Byalant
  • Psycho Gundam
  • Qubeley
  • Messala
  • The-O
  • Marasai
  • Gaplant
  • Bound-doc

There are also two hidden MS, the GP01-fb and the GP02. All in all, a superb game. very recommended

Mobile Suit Z-Gundam


This is a sequel of sorts to Z-Gundam. It was released a year later in 1998. The game follows the format of Z but uses the Char's Counterattack movie as it's story. You can play the story mode as Char, or Amuro Rey. Unfortunately these modes are very short and one could easily finish the game in a night. On the other hand, the combat has been enhanced. You now have many more attacks, including super moves and the ability to launch decoys. You can now play two player via split screen. There aren't as many selectable mobile suits as Z-Gundam.
  • Nu Gundam
  • Sazabi
  • Re-GZ
  • Jagd Doga
  • RX-78 Gundam
  • Char's Zaku II
  • Char's Gelgoog
  • Ziong
  • Hyaku-shiki

There are some extra MS, but Char's Rick Dom is really the only new one. The others are merely color and pilot changes such as Amuro's Re-GZ, or the G-3 gundam piloted by Sayla Mass. Still it's a good game and recommended.

Mobile Suit Gundam- Char's Counter-attack


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